Food. Glorious food. Wouldn't you want to make some? :3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cucumber Salad, Tomato and Meat Curry. :3

Assalamualaikum people.

I watched Jamie again today. *bahagiaaa* :3
He prepared and served a three course meal in under 30 minutes. Dinner tonight, is Jamie inspired. :)

                                              greens always look so fresh. :3

                         Tomato and meat Curry, on a bed of finely sliced cabbages.

Mini Doughnuts : Chocolate, honey, and sugar :3

Assalamualaikum. :)

Mini doughnuts. 
This recipe, I learned not long ago, from watching Masterchef Australia 2010. My brother had downloaded the entire season and, it was, really exciting and fun, watching people who are passionate about cooking giving it all they got and all, and I learned a lot of things from watching them.  

And this doughnut is something they learned in their Masterclass. It's a little bit different from the usual way of making doughnuts, because it uses a

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peach cupcakes. :3


One of the best things about long, long holidays, or any holiday really, is that I could sit back on the old family sofa and click on channel AFC. Asian Food Channel.  (Really, the best channel ever, whoever created it is pure genius. :3)  A few days back I watched Jamie At Home ( lovelovelove the man :3) and he made some beet cupcakes,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Milk Chocolate Cheese Tart *practicemakesperfect*


This has been a night of mistakes.

After dinner tonight, I decided to make some tarts. I plan to sell them tomorrow, (well, ask my brother to sell them at his school, actually) so I needed to know exactly how much time it'd take, how much I could make, you know, to calculate the cost and whatnot. I reckon I wouldn't sell them more than RM1 each. ( The kids takkan beli punye kalau mahal. >.>)


To my twin.

You are, a jewel.
Shine, honey, shine

 All the best prayers for you :3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Luscious strawberries.

sour yet sweet


Vivid, lively reds. 

                                                 .strawberry cheese cake.


For the greater good.


I've been doing a lot of thinking as to why I want to blog. And what I want to blog about. 
To express my feelings? 

Heavens, never. 

And God knows I don't need another medium to aid me to talk more than people can listen to. 
(my brother can vouch for this. I've tortured him quite long enough with my constant, er, voiced thoughts. But then again, what is to have a sister without the constant torture? :3)


A lot of my friends have started to take an interest in cooking and baking this semester holiday. 

Dah datang seru, I guess. Heh. 
(I bet most of them comes from nagging mothers more than anything.) 

And they've asked me for recipes and some other cooking/baking advices. I'm no professional, well, not yet, but I was glad to help them out, to the best of my knowledge. Because after all, the beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh had said,  

"Whosoever hides knowledge, Allah will brand him with the branding iron from hellfire."

And it hit me. I could and can help people. Share whatever I have, and if possible, get some new knowledge as well on culinary arts. Plus one of my friends had suggested this before, bless her. 

I decided, this, blog, ( I still detest this idea of me having one ) was to be dedicated for the sharing recipes and tips and pictures, of food. 

Now I need to nag my friends to follow me. hee.

Oh, here's something I made just this evening.It's awfully easy. :3

                                                 .peach cupcakes.
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