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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Milk Chocolate Cheese Tart *practicemakesperfect*


This has been a night of mistakes.

After dinner tonight, I decided to make some tarts. I plan to sell them tomorrow, (well, ask my brother to sell them at his school, actually) so I needed to know exactly how much time it'd take, how much I could make, you know, to calculate the cost and whatnot. I reckon I wouldn't sell them more than RM1 each. ( The kids takkan beli punye kalau mahal. >.>)


The Mother said I shouldn't sell it, but to experiment first. Being the anak mithali *insyaAllah, aminnn* that I am, I did. Experiment. I made half the portion of the recipe in my head. I halved everything. It's important to be thorough and detailed in baking, and not be stupid to forget to half the sugar, like I did just now. >.<

Mistake #1

Gahhhh I should've known better than to be too confident. >,<

So, I looked at the mixture, tasted it,  wayyyy too sweet. And I looked up and I saw a bottle of vinegar.
I smiled. Hehee. This will balance the sweetness, wouldn't it.?

Mistake #2

Luckily I came to my senses and shooed away that stupid stupid voice.

So I did the only thing I could do to salvage the damage, 
I double the portion I've halved.
I added another 250g of cream cheese that's needed to balance the sweetness.
But again. I made the error of just chucking it all in the already beaten mixture when I should've beaten it separately first. Now the mixture not as smooth as I'd hoped.

Mistake #3

I was quite frustrated. I want it smooth and creamy, so I beat the mixture more.

Mistake #4

For cheese mixtures you shouldn't beat it for too long, it'll cause bubbles to form on your cakes.
Which it did.

On a happy note, the tart tasted absolutely gorgeous
I'm quite convinced my elder brother would again, be fatten up, very soon. :)

The Recipe

The tart base.

For this I'm using a cookie dough recipe actually, because I like the crunchiness against the velvety cream cheese. :3

125g butter
210g flour
75g fine sugar
2 tbsp cold water
 . mix the butter and flour using the tips of your fingers. (gaul-ramas)
. then add the sugar and cold water. 
. it'll turn crumbly, and that's what we're aiming for. 
. grease the tart tins and  press the dough onto the base and sides of it, make sure it's not   too thick.
. blind bake them for about 10-15mins on 175'c

The cheese mixture
250g cream cheese
70g sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup fresh milk
2tbsp cocoa powder
. cream the cheese, cocoa powder and sugar
. add in the eggs, one by one, mixing well each time
. add in the milk.
. pour into the baked base
. bake for 15 mins on 150'c

happy baking people ! :3
                                                         mmmm :9


  1. I'm sorry. That was supposed to be 3 eggs.

  2. adsense enable. abu je yg dapat?cis..

  3. dah abu je ada kat rumah. Tapi besh sebab ayah makan. :3


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