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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peach cupcakes. :3


One of the best things about long, long holidays, or any holiday really, is that I could sit back on the old family sofa and click on channel AFC. Asian Food Channel.  (Really, the best channel ever, whoever created it is pure genius. :3)  A few days back I watched Jamie At Home ( lovelovelove the man :3) and he made some beet cupcakes,
with olive oil, instead of butter. Not the most usual thing to put in your cakes, beet. >.> 

Anyway, it's how he made the cupcakes that surprised me. No beating butter and cream and eggs, just chuck everything in the food processor. And it really saves your time. And it's also cheaper. So I decided to try it out. Now I don't have a food processor, so I used a blender. Hee.I rummaged through the fridge, seeing what I could use. I don't have beet, but I do have some peaches. Canned, sadly not fresh. But it'll do .And I don't have cream, (starting to realise my fridge is under stocked. =.='  ) but I do have fresh milk.

So this is what I've come up.
As lazy as this recipe might be, it's definitely a healthy one, because it uses olive oil (the creamy one, not extra virgin, don't want your cupcake to be bitter ) 
Warning though. It's best eaten while it's still hot. Time da sejuk cam pancake je rasa, but still okay I guess. Best makan dengan ice cream though. This recipe makes about 18 cupcakes.
And like Jamie, I just chucked  everything in . >.>

2 senduk flour
5 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
5 tbsp olive oil
3 canned peaches

1/4 cup of fresh milk.
vanilla essence
2 eggs.

mix everything in the blender. The flour being the last.
bake for 15 mins on 150'c haeted oven.

Happy baking !

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