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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum wahai kanak kanak sekalian.

This week has been a week of cravings for me. Aritu mengidam Kerabu Jantung    (I still haven't made this, The Mother and The Father were quite busy, so they couldn't make a trip to the  market to get The Jantung. And I can't drive. D: ) 
then Doughnuts (mmmm done this) , then Sambal Hitam Cili Api ( I'm having a lot of unfulfilled wishes lately T __ T ). 
Today, pancakes.
Will make them tomorrow insyaAllah. 
Harini ai gaduh dengan kitchen. Kami break up. 
Esok nak pergi merujuk dia balik la dah mengidam je nehhh hergghh  >.>

So, pancakes
I've spend a quarter of my life watching cooking shows and I noticed none of the pancakes those people make are the same as the version The Mother taught me when I was a child. And along the way I tweaked the recipe here and there. Not traditional, but that's alright, the pancakes still taste great, and. It made me feel a bit relieved somehow, knowing that I'm not too set in my way of cooking. Convention gives you, a sense of stability, you know if you follow this it's likely to go as you planned, it's nice. But it won't do to discard new things, new ideas
So innovation may lead you to 0.0 horror moments 0.0 in the kitchen. But you know, it's okay to make mistakes. You learn from them. :)


a cup of flour
half a cup of butter
half a cup of milk powder
a quarter cup of sugar
one egg
half a tsp of baking powder
half a tsp of soda bicarbonate
some water.

. mix the butter, flour and milk powder using the rub-in technique, until it forms a crumbly texture.
. add in everything else, and mix well. The amount of water you use depends on how thin or thick you want your batter to be. 
. on a heated pan,spoon your pancake batter on to cook. You don't really need butter to grease it, but you can if you like. I prefer my pancakes to be crispy on the outside so I would use low heat and cook it longer on each sides. It takes time, but really worth waitin'. :3

Speaking of crispiness. 
This is actually the second version of pancake that The Mother taught me. When she first taught me she didn't call it pancake, but lempeng. And lempeng is not fluffy and thick, it's really thin, crispy and one is as big as the pan itself. Macam buat crepes la. But much much crispier. 
To make lempeng,  you can still use the above recipe but omit the baking powder and soda, and also the egg.
And the batter is thinner than your pancake batter. Once you've spooned the batter onto the flat pan, you'd have to be quick to use the back of your spoon to spread the batter as thin as you could to get that nice crunchy texture. At least I prefer it that way. I think The Mother prefer it lembut sikit. Can't remember. It's been a long while.

You know how pancakes look like, aite, you've seen it on tv. 
Perfectly round, fluffy, heavenly treat.

Well mine, looks a lot more like this. 
                                                               hee. :3

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Cheerio, people. :3

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