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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roti Jala. :3

Assalamualaikum, hello, hi.

Roti Jala. I don't know the origin, but I simply adore them. I made them some time last week after going on for days craving and dreaming about making them. My dear friend from school, whom I've not seen since, after SPM, I think *lama wooo gila rinduuu* stayed at my house over the weekend so, I guess this was something I wanted to make for her.

Ehhhh no
I'm never that nice. I just wanted to eat these myself. Mmmmm :9

I've made them before, but I couldn't remember the measurements so, I asked The Mother for the recipe. And of course, the only natural thing she did was to give it to me, along with,
I should have taken them from the recipe book myself . =,='
but alas, as always, she's right.  

I have no idea how to translate Roti Jala in English, my brother and I argued between net bread and web bread. My brother gave me a face when I said web bread and asked,  

"where did you get that? Web? WEB? "
-Yelaaa, sebab macam spider's net ! Tell me you see that.  

But anyway. Here's the recipe.

Roti Jala

1 tin of evaporated milk
500g of flour
1 glass of water
1 egg
some salt
and turmeric powder

. combine the evaporated milk, egg, and flour in a large bowl. Look at the consistency, you want it to be runny but not too thin. Slightly thicker than a pancake mix I would say. If it's too thick, add some water in. If it's too thin, add some flour. 
. add a pinch of salt to taste, and some turmeric powder for colour.
. blend all of them to get a smooth bater.

                                                  mom helped with this.

 . lightly brush some oil onto the heated pan, medium heat, and men-jala lah anda. For this you have to have one of this.

                   You can get this at your regular convenience store. Doesn't cost much.

. It might take a few tries to get it right, but it's so easy you'll get it in no time. The trick is to keep the container full, so that the weight of the bater will provide enough pressure for the batter to flow continuously and not in blobs. Just be patience, okay. Practice makes perfect. I'll tell you this, it's loads of fun watching my friend do it. ( I was working on my curry beside her, so, memang tahan gelak je laa *sniggers*)

and yes, your kitchen will get real messy when doing this.

After that, the only thing left to do is, enjoy !

                                        I like my curry thick and real spicy. :9

Until the next then. Cheerio.:)

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