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Thursday, May 19, 2011

They're cute. And you know you want them. :3

Assalamualaikum. :D

 There are times I feel like taking a stroll over to the creative side. And that, requires me to abandon dear Laziness. Such sacrifice. >.>

These are examples of those rare moments. I've always liked to draw, faces and people especially. It's one of the few things I'm good at. And I love the fact that baking allows
me to incorporate that bit of myself in. And I've always find it amusing that people would love to eat cupcakes with cute faces on them. People would go, that is just too cute too eat, this one looks like my friend, etc, and they eat it anyway. I know it's just cupcakes, but it still makes me wonder. I guess it's just in human nature to eat up innocence. Eat your friends. Hmm.
And that is very good for my business so, heh. :)

                                        I like this design very much. Makes everything look a bit classy.

And this is for my friend, for her last two birthdays I missed.

The blue one looks a lot like the bloke she fancies. The hair.

Until the next. :3


  1. salah satu muka cupcake tu dh macam ko la...


    --mimy agy agy agy--

  2. mane2 yg mulut bulat... bentuk "O".. hahah.. sekksi gitu...haha


  3. macam mana nak buat cupcake doh?
    aku useless when it comes to bakery

  4. Anak Mansor, senang je. Dia cam kek biasa, just letak dalam paper cups. Kalau for beginner guna la recipe butter cake, recipe dia ada kat sini Follow the steps, simple je pun. :D


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