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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding : The Easiest Thing Ever.

Assalamualaikum you and you and you :D
hope everything's alright on your side.
 *heh macam tulis surat la pulak =,='*

I remember reading Harry Potter years ago and would just drool at the mention of the various delicacies magically appearing on the four long tables of each Hogwarts houses. And I remember Yorkshire pudding being one of them. A few days back I watched Jamie's 30 Minutes Meal and
he whipped up this amazingly easy version of the traditional English dessert. Three ingredients, and The Blender. I mean, come on. Anything prepared using blender ought to be tried out. So this, is for you lazy bumps out there.

Yorkshire Pudding.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of milk
1 egg

                                                 this mug is looking real cute :3

. easy enough to remember eh? Add a little salt if you like, to round up the flavours.

. Blend them all together, and pour the mixture into your muffin tray. 

                                                brush some oil on so it doesn't stick.

                                .. should probably buy a new one, this looks so menyedihkan  =,=

. bake until it's golden brown, for about 15 mins, 180'c. 

          Sitting in front of the oven, waiting and watching changes happening : one of life's little pleasures.

Done. Easy, didn't I tell you? :3
When it's done, the outside will be crispy and the inside just a touch firmer than your normal pudding. It's best eaten hot.
Right, Now, for the above recipe, my brother said this upon tasting it.
"Apa ni? TASTELESS."
 So I would suggest you eat them with some jam or honey if you have a sweet tooth, or you can add some sugar into the mixture. When I tried this again I added some honey and sugar, some vanilla essence. I wanted to try using strawberry milk instead of regular full cream milk but The Mother and all brothers refuse to go out to buy it for me. And I can't drive. T __ T
My sad story  aside, yes, you can improvise the recipe in lots of ways, add some fresh fruits and using chocolate or strawberry milk instead, or maybe add in a little bit of yoghurt, just to be different. But make sure you know how to balance the taste and flavours.

That's all from me for the time being. 
Have fun trying ! :3

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