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Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicken and Mushroom Sandwich, with Cucumber and Cream.

Assalamualaikum, hello and hi. It's been a long while, hasn't it? 
Well, no matter, I'm here now so you all can stop mourning now. *perasan famous heh.*

Today, tonight's, recipe was my lunch. It's one of those days where you just want anything other than rice. Looking at what I have in the fridge, some scrumptious sandwiches comes to mind. 

The wonderful thing about sandwiches,
the recipe for it is simply endless, you can do from the very simple ones up to the larger-than-you-can-fit-into-your-mouth ones.
For me, a sandwich must, absolutely must, be balanced. Sure it's heaven to have one with only meat in it, but that can't be good for your waistline now, can it. >.> 
So naturally, I love to put loads of veggies in, as well. HIDUP SAYUR ! Iceberg lettuce and cucumber are some options, they provide the vitamins as well as the crunchiness that is to die for. I love tomatoes too, for the juiciness and taste. :3 But I have none, so.

Here's what I had today. I was preparing these for my family too, so the amount I'm using is larger than what you'd want for an individual lunch. Cut them down yes.

Chicken and Mushroom Sandwich, with Cucumber and Cream.

What I used.
                    Cheese.  Found this, just two pieces left, just the amount I wanted.

Onions, lotsa garlic, chillies, all diced and chopped, and chicken breast. I cut them into thin strips.
                                                 button mushrooms, sliced.

                                            Cucumber, peeled into ribbons.

                            oh yes, found these as well. Carrots, roughly grated.

some cream, black pepper, and salt.

Once you've got all your ingredients prepared, put the wok on the stove, some heat on.

Add some oil to the heated wok. You can use pan, but I love them woks. :D If you notice the oil I used is a bit yellow. That's because I use the oil that I have used to fry some chickens before this. I know there's people saying you cannot use oil twice, they're unhealthy and all. Personally I think that's just rubbish. Of course there's limit to using oils, but really using it twice or thrice saves you money, plus it adds loads of flavour from the last time you use them. Okay. Brown the onions and garlic, then add the chicken, mushroom and carrots. 

Right. Now, stir fry all these handsome fellas until the moisture from the carrots dries a bit. You want this to be only a bit moist, and that bit of moisture is going to be the cream. You don't want your sandwich to be soggy. >.>
Then add the cream, as much or as little as you like, and then toss in the cheese slices. This is entirely optional, but adding them definitely makes creamier and thicker

these will melt in no time. 
Add in some pepper and salt to taste.  Lastly add in the chopped chillies. I added these at the last bit so that I'd still have their wonderful heat that would've been lost if I put them in earlier. I would've added loads more, maybe use some cili api yes, but my sister and brother in law can't abide them. >.>

So that's your fillings done. This can also be used for pies, or puffs, not just for sandwiches yes.
Now, assemble your sandwich! :D
Put the cucumber ribbons on, then spread on the filling, as much as you want. More cucumber, then press them down.

okay that looks ready to eat just as they are. *drools*
But wait. 
There's more. 

Put the heat on, low, flat pan, and grease with some butter.
 Put your sandwiches on, when it's crisp and golden on each side, take them off, onto a plate, or, into your mouth.

                                                              low heat, please. 

Done. Crunchy, meaty, healthy. Simply scrumptious.
Have fun trying yes. :)
Until the next.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. uish...pyh nye nak wat sandwich.. kakak aku kate "kalau nk masak, jgn wat yg payah2..masak nih kene simple".. ape susah.. letak roti, sardin je ar..agagaga.. pemalas tul aku... hihi

    ----liyana syamimy yg baik...hehe-----

  3. Hahah. Simple okay, tapi tak salah try yang complicated gak en. Aku wat ni sebab nak jaga balanced nutrients for my sister, dia sedang pantang. And time tu tak ada menda yang boleh terus buat. >.>


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