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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cream Caramel. and a little bit of novel.

Assalamualaikum. Back by popular demand, aicehh ! :D

I am, in a very long holiday, *Alhamdulillah, Thank you, Allah. And thank you Malaysia's Higher Education system* So. I have loads of free time. But somehow at times it just seems like I don't have enough time to do this and that and that includes updating this blog. *Perasan sibuk macam menteri padahal duk rumah ja* 

I have stopped selling cakes because I feel
I cannot handle it, that this is not the right time. In my effort to make some money for myself I feel like I have been neglecting/ not placing much importance to my duties to my family. And worse, I feel like I have hurt a few of them. And so I stopped. That kind of put me in a emo-ish state for a few days because I stopped baking too. And baking is one of the things I consider,  air. *nak dramatic ajaaa*

I think some of you might be familiar with the withdrawal effect? That's what I went through. Wanting to be close to it, to do it, (baking, selling cakes) but I can't , lest I hurt my family. After all, family comes first. And so I stopped baking, I stopped waking up with a clear purpose.I stopped a lot of things. I don't feel like doing anything. * Oh Encik  Bruno disini* 

It felt horrible, really. It's also very childish. I can give you thousands of reasons why, but really. In truth, it's all because I lack the drive, and so, here, I want to thank a few of my friends who had been the inspiration and motivation for me to start, doing things, cooking with my heart, that is, again. 

<3 Huda Xynll, for being there, and your words, 
" It's all in the mind "
<3 Norfatin Nabila Raduian, for eating so much when you came to my house the other day. Really reminded me why I love cooking.
<3 Liyana Syamimy, for your efforts in trying to destroy your mother's kitchen and enjoying it thoroughly. 
<3 Sheikh N.Farabi Al Syariff, for these words in his most recent blog entry's comments.
 " Masha Allah. We just need to have the determination right. "

and to my family, for always finishing whatever it is I cooked. 
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for every bit of these blessings. :3 <3

Okay enough novel, Meow. =,='

Okay, Cream Caramel. Or in Malay it's known as Puding Gula Hangus. Liyana requested for this, so here it is. My brother can tell you how ecstatic I was when the pudding is done. Meloncat loncat kat dapur macam overweight penguin. =,=' Sebab dah lama tak buat, macam, dah berapa ribu tahun, and then buat jadi, so happy gilaa okay ! :D

Cream Caramel.

1 can of evaporated milk
6 tbsp of sugar
6 eggs
1/2 cup of water (optional)
vanilla essence

8 tbsp of sugar
1/2 cup of water

. First, set up your steamer. I don't know it's name, selalu panggil menda kukus.

                                                           menda ni la.
. Take your B ingredients, put them in a small pot, over low heat and leave till it turns slightly golden
. In the meantime, beat all of ingredients A for about, 15 minutes or so. The mixture won't fluff up, because of the liquid in it, so I guess until it turns like this.

. Now, the caramel will take quite a while to turn golden, but do keep an eye on them after you're finished with the A ingredients. Because once the sugar caramelizes it'll keep on doing that real fast so when it's very light golden, turn the heat off. It'll continue to brown off the heat so you will get that nice golden colour without risking burning them. 
. Tilt the pot at an angle so that the caramel covers the sides as well. Then pour in the egg mixture in.

. Steam them (make sure the water is boiling at this point) for 30-40 minutes.

. When it's cooled, turn it upside down on a plate and ,
                                             cuak nak terbalikkan, takot pecah heh.


                                  brand pilihan sejak dahulu lagi.

                                                          The Mother's recipe book.

                                    Amin membawa laptop ke dapur to accompany me. Comel kan hee. 
                                                        And thank you, Amin for the photos.

Until the next.  :3


  1. wahhhhh....aku un meloncat2 kegembiraan kat atas katil bersama laptop.. dah macam tapir gila.. gagagag.. wow..salute gile kat ko..aku paksa ko wat..aku yg xberani... gud2.. ntah bila aku akan buat... tapi kan ko punye utk portion yg skit...kakak aku gune 15telur tuuuuu... thats y aku xberani nak wat..kalau xjadi , memang perabih telur la..maybe aku leh gune care ko, 6 eggs..kalau xjadi takde ar bazir sgt.. thanks ain.. oh ye...mak aku pun ade buku resepi yg berzaman dn tebal..kadang2 panggil buku tu buku ma..kadang2 pggil buku buruk.. haha

  2. weyyyyy 15 biji telur kau nak wat kendurike weyyy banyak gila ! :O Aku pun tak berani buat. Paling banyak kek pernah aku buat 12 biji, tu pun 3 adunan kau. Wat la, senang je. Kena be careful dengan caramel tu je.
    Buku mak aku dah banyak. Ni salinan tak silap, sebab yang lama dah cam lunyai banyak kali sangat selak bukak katup. Bagus kan parents catat recipe. Aku dok pakai ingat je, macam la lama. Sebab malas nak update buku recipe.

  3. ntah kenape kakak aku gune 15.. ke aku salah dgr..haha.. tp die je kat umah yg pandai buat bende alah nih. "Kena be careful dengan caramel tu je. ".. tu yg seram sejuk nk buat tuuuuuu

  4. oo..act, die letak telur sebanyak satu tin susu, ko kira ar kalau telur pecah2 berapa dlt muat dlm satu tin susu ideal? mesti byk wey... menangis ayam2 kat bangi ni kang..agagaga

  5. Meraung tak berlagu teros weh ayayam hahah. Kakak kau maybe ada follow recipe atau tips yang dia caya so okay la. Ada banyak je cara nak buat.


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