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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chocolate Freak !


 Last Monday I had a sort of informal meeting, and this is what I brought along. It's chocolate cheese cake with toasted sunflower seeds  and chocolate ganache as topping. I call it Chocolate Freak, bersempena dengan freAKLancer, a group and project my friends and I are involved in right now.

I'm no fan of chocolate, to be honest, and
no fan of cakes either. But it's always fun to see my friends' faces when they eat, especially the things I baked. Their expressions, priceless. One of the many joys in life for me. :) Alhamdulillah.People who love their food are my inspiration. 

And that's you. Thank you. :3


  1. salam ziarah..
    adeiii..l0ok very nice!
    nyum nyumMmmm

  2. it taste even better *ceh berlagak hahah*

  3. picture macam ni memang godaan betul time puasa. Thanks all ! :D

  4. choc dlm ape care pun mst nmpk tempting...


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