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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicken Fritters.

Assalamulaikum, hello and welcome. 

I hope this blog's dear dear visitors are in the pink of health. :3

And to my Muslim visitors, I pray your Ramadhan so far has been blissful and your days full of barakah. 
Pejam celik pejam celik dah lepas the first 10 Ramadhan. 0.0
weyyy Quran pun baca baru takat manaaa aiyooo. 
Tapi takpa! InsyaAllah ada rezeki boleh khatam in this month ! InsyaAllah.:D

One guest of this blog
* I don't know who exactly. Dear Guest, if you are reading this please comment below because I want to thank you !:3 * suggested I update some recipe suitable for this fasting month. Hahah. I think any ordinary food looks and tastes super delicious after half a day of fasting. KAN.

This month I don't cook much because my family and I go to the mosque near our home for breakfasting, there's tahlil everyday and, yeah  baby, glorious food, free. So I only cook for sahur everyday, just simple and fast food. Although last weekend we did eat at home because we invited some relatives over for breakfasting. A little bit of feast, really. And InsyaAllah, this weekend we're doing the same thing. Menjamu orang berbuka tu besar pahalanya, insyaAllah.

And although we go to the mosque, The Mother insist we bring something as well, nak tambah lauk kan. And tonight I brought some Chicken Fritters. Bahasa Melayu nya cucur ayam. Cekodok. :D
It's really easy to make, and like sandwiches, it can be simple or over the top, whichever's fine.  I just used what I have in the fridge.

So here's how to make, 

Chicken Fritters. 

loadsa garlic cloves, finely chopped
one onion, chopped
some chicken, diced
carrots, grated
long beans, chopped
potatoes, diced
black peppers
some turmeric, if you like.
some water

. mix everything together, and spoon and deep fry them. 

I told you it's easy. Haha. The trick is to balance the flour and water you put in. It's quite a thick batter, but it'll still fall slowly from your spoon if you held it up. Don't make them too thin, because when you fry them too much oil will get inside the fritters. A tip The Mother gave me was to add a little bit of baking powder to make it softer. So you'll have the contrasting texture of crunch, on the outside and fluffy on the inside. For this, you can substitute the veggies with the ones you like, tomatoes, celery, I once chopped some broccoli in. The chicken too, you can use prawns instead. And you can switch the pepper with chopped chillies if you want. But I find the combination of peppers and garlic work wonders, the aroma you get from them, Allah. You just have to try this one and you'll know what I mean. My brother said it smells like nuggets. :3

I made a separate batch for The Father as he can't eat most of the things I put in. In his I put lots of onions, because he loves them, chopped celery and chicken, with a little bit of turmeric. And I fried his in the oil I previously used to fry some chicken so the fritters get a bit of an extra flavour from the oil. But yeah. It doesn't look as nice. Taste wonderful though. :3

So, give it a go, yeah? Until the next. :3


  1. auwww lapaaa :(

  2. oit..buln pose nih..agak2 la..ade yang batal pose kang.. :D

  3. jemput3 hahahaa lame mak aku xwt nih sedap3

  4. chegu abbas : woh woh woh. haha

    Abdul Farique : Alamak sorry. >.> Anggaplah ini dugaan yang akan diberikan ganjaran, insyaAllah :3

    Asamasin : Muahahahahaha. Kalau ikot hati lagi banyak aku tunjuk pic makanan weh. :DD

    zahratul_shita : oh kau panggil jemput2? Aku kalau jemput2 tu yang jempt pisang tu.

  5. sabar teha sabar. Lagi sejam lebih je nak berbuka. Hahah. :3

  6. saja kannnnn nak bagi org terlioq.... slurp!

  7. pergh, mengancam.. nasib baik dah berbuka,,,

  8. haha yup2 jemput jugak yg 2 aku pgl besenye pgl jemput bwg or ikn bilis hehe sdap yg pisg 2 jemput psg hehe

  9. Michada : Hahah tau takpe memang ai saje heheh.

    deqlis : rasa lagi sedap. hahah.

    AinsHa : Hahaha ceh terlepas nak goda time puasa

    zahrATUL_shITA : Oh kira semua pun jemput2 la. Okay. New info :D

  10. hoho.. terasa lapar lah pula mengancam gitu...


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