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Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Ramadhan ! *Craving di malam hari. T __ T*

Assalamualaikum ! :D

HAPPY RAMADHAN, everyone ! 

May Allah shower all of yous with His love and blessings !
*excited gilaa mestilah bulan besh kan korang pun mesti excited banyak offer Allah bagi this month.*
I spend a good 5 hours of this first day of Ramadhan in front of my laptop,
*jangan tiru ya kanak kanak, ini membazir masa namanya, baiklah anda pi baca Quran ke Zikr ke.* looking and browsing and studying various recipes in various websites. Mainly I looked at cake recipes, sebab dah lama tak buat cake kot. Dah seminggu lebih *lama ke =,='

There are loads of tricks chefs use to make the ordinary, say, vanilla butter cake, into something you won't likely to forget. I found one where they use mayonnaise in chocolate cake to make it moist, so I was delighted to know this, and wanted to try it out. 

So I did, right after tarawih.I have finished making the cake mixture and ready to put the thing into the preheated oven.

Only, the oven didn't heat up. Lampu dia menyala tapi dia tak panas. On off on off pun sama je sejuuuk. Sedih gilaaa oi orang dah craving nak bake nii. T _________ T
Tak ada rezeki, tak pa la. Redha je la. ( T ^ T )
So. *sigh* Cake mixture in the fridge, insyaAllah tomorrow my brother will take a look at it, see what's wrong with the oven. *the merits of having many abang yang sangat efficient! :D*

Anyway, these are some of the things I've done before this Ramadhan. 

these are, .. I don't know what to call them, Deep Fried Sandwiches, ? 
The Mother loves this, she asked me to make them one afternoon. Just make regular sandwiches, with anything you like, I used chillies and chicken in these. You can put some cheese in, and that would melt when it's fried and when you eat it it would be as if you bite into oozing liquid gold mmm :9
Okay, after you got your sandwiches, press them down, coat them with some lightly beaten egg, then with some bread crumbs. I used biscuit crumbs, easier and crunchier than bread crumbs when fried. :D . Also because that was how The Mother taught me :) Then just deep fry/pan fry them. These won't take long, about two minutes each side? 

The Mother bought a new cookbook the other day. All pie recipes. So she decided we should make some. But to be honest, the pie crust recipe is just about the same as the ones we have tried, so we weren't really trying anything new. But it is fun to have The Mother in the kitchen once in a while. :D 
The top picture was for The Father. We made different one for him because in the other two pies I put some things he can't eat because of his gout. But his turned out tastier ! *for me, anyway. because I used simple flavours, and I've always found simple do wonders**and I've discovered the wonders of Basil too !*
The pies should have been higher but I didn't make that much filling so HEE. :D
I've forgotten the recipe for the crust and the book is downstairs. 
*malas* Next post I'll definitely give the recipe yes? :D  *malas*

So until the next, I wish you well and selamat beramal ibadah ! :D

*Dengan ini saya mengumumkan bahasanya saya tidak boleh on Facebook *dan juga Youtube* kerana telah diblock oleh abang atas arahan The Father. Bulan Ramadhan bukan bulan berfacebook, bukan bulan bershopping sakan, bukan bulan sibuk buat kuih, kata The Father. Maka jom kita kejar ganjaran dijanjikan Allah ! :D*


  1. asal tunjuk gmbr makanan...adoih...

  2. Da blog ni blog makanan. Hahha. Happy Ramadhan ! :D

  3. Salam Ramadhan ain ^_^
    Agr Ramadhan kali ini mejd permulaan utk sesuatu yg lebih baik, wa inshaAllah :)

  4. Sayba thanks ! And to you as well :D
    Saybaaaa kita sama check out Callum's Kitchen ! :D

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhh, best nyer nampak. hehe

    happy fasting :)

  6. Salam Ramadhan Ain :3 <---muka lazim Ain. hehe

    Start sem nnt bawalah pie tu satu... ngeehehe :D

  7. wahhhhhhh
    selamat berbuka

  8. Nadia Fatihah : Selamat beramal ibadah :D

    Qursiah : Err.. Hahah. InsyaAllah. Cake haritu pun tak bagi lagi.

    SimplySeoul : Thanks ! Happy fasting :3

    Hans : Wah awalnya wish berbuka. :D Thanks :3

  9. that pies looking so delicious! happy fasting month ya!

  10. ain, ^_^
    Syukran kathir..
    Callum's kitchen tu kt nmpk blog dia kat ain punya blog. bru follow~ xtau pun callum ad buat blog :D

  11. bulan pose nih lagi la sedap kau ye mncr ilham masakan baru hehe

  12. amir aizat : Thanks, right back at you :3

    Nusaibah : Excited okay tengok dia kat Masterchef, dessert dia buat besh2 ! :D

    Shita : Oh mestiiii. Lagipun cuti dah nak abes mesti memaksimakan effort memasak ! >,<


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