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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum, hello hello.

 Know what that is? Thaaat's right folks it's  hot out of the oven home made pizza. Amnyamnyamnyam :9

My family and I had them for breakfasting two days ago. The thing about pizza is,
it takes hours to make, and gone in an instant. *Lagi lagi la in my family, all piranhas at the dining table. Pergi la jauh sikit dari meja makan tu, kejap je pun sure takde da food for you. =,='* Despite the various preparations,  it's loads of fun to make and we made four large, large  ones :D

Basically pizza is, well, bread with savoury toppings and you can make lots of different varieties of it. Anything goes as long as the flavours you use work well together. Now The Mother made the crust before I got down to the kitchen but I'm pretty sure she used the usual recipe for the bread. And the recipe's downstairs... *laziness in full drive* InsyaAllah, I will make a post on bread recipes. Soon. One day. Hm. 

I will, however, give the recipe for the sauces I used, a basic tomato sauce ,

Tomato Sauce

a can of tomato puree
5 chopped chillies, fresh or dried.
1/2 cup chicken stock
5 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 onion, chopped
salt and pepper
oregano, fresh or dried.
some butter and oil.

. heat your saucepan and add in a knob of butter or olive oil, or you can you the combination of both, for flavour. Add your onions and garlic and stir well until it caramelize a bit.
. add in the can of tomatoes, the stock and the chopped chillies, cover and leave for 20 minutes or so. Of course, I was doing a large batch, so the cooking time really depends on how much the ingredients you use. And at the time I didn't have any stock, so I just chucked in some breast bones. You can also use stock cubes, but do add some water as well.
. salt and pepper in, oregano. Simmer for another 5 minutes and you're done. :3

and the invented-on-the-spot-cheese sauce. 
I used the cheese sauce for one of the pizza, The Father's because he can't eat tomato. And his turned out better. *again*

Garlic and Butter Cheese Sauce.

some cheddar and mozzarella, shredded.
loads of garlic, chopped
some fresh milk
1tbsp of flour, mixed with some of the milk.
salt *and pepper, but I didn't use any. The Father can't eat that too*

. on a heated pan, drizzle some oil before adding the butter, and garlic. let them brown just a touch.
. pour in the milk, stir until it simmers, then add in the cheeses, let them melt. 
. add in the flour mixture, and stir well.
. season with salt and pepper. you can add some dried oregano as well.
 and you're done. :3

Now feast on these. Happy fasting for all Muslims out there ! :3 
Until the next.

                                           bell pepper. capsicum. this one's huge.

                                                        used tons of them

                                          if you haven't noticed, garlic are magical !

                                                      the dough for the crust

                                     the topping. chicken with some onions and garlic.

              put some cheese on after the sauce, before the rest of the topping, ensures moist, scrumptious belly thickening-but-whattaheck-everybody loves it you know you want it- pizza.

the not so new but just used oven. the other one's out cold. These pizzas took about 15-20 minutes each on 200'c 

                                                    The Father's *before bake*



  1. i swear one day we're goin to launch a massive business on food based on all these recipes.. n it'll be FRANCHISE!!

  2. uwaaaaaa gler r pizza pulak yummy2 ! haha kau nih mmg dh blh wt bsness nih

  3. ohoho...sib aku tak teror memasak...~~

  4. Dilla Adilla : Insya Allah ! Hahah. Semangat giloo kau.

    zahrATUL_shITA : Buat memang best. Makan lagi besh muahahahah. Ada modal, insyaAllah mmg plan nak wat business :3 Doakan aku :3

    Emma Abduh :Hahahah. Camtu pulak.Try2 la :3

  5. ya allah, tergodanya aku..meleleh airmata.. nak makan!!!

  6. makan dikala tengah hari best ni... time bulan puasa lagi terasa nikmat die... hehehe....

  7. wow, so delicious! insyaAllah i will be try it..tenkies for sharing the recipe ^_^

  8. salam ziarah..
    wahH..kena tunggu adek balik ni..
    ley mintak dia cuba buatkan..
    kui3! ;0

  9. Salam sis..
    bila nak update juadah terbaru? huhu..

    Nyway sy nak minta jasa baik & sokongan sis sebagai penyokong yg setia boleh? =)
    Lawati link di bawah & vote di bahagian poll & comment (cari responses ke-36) untuk laman - Aksara Cinta Ilahi.. ‘Tinta hamba..menuju Yang Esa’..Thanz yer

  10. That is a gorgeous pie. I'm new to your blog, so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Ainsha : Haha. tutup mata jangan pandang XD

    celY : Nanti ai bagi you. :3

    kristal biru : aih macam tu pulak? haha. kenang time tak puasa lettew :3

    asamasin : thanks ! :3

  12. fariSHaHuSna : Welcome. Dah try temme the result okay ! :3

    qamarguyz : apa suruh adik, sendiri try la. not that hard pun :3

    Mary : Thanks ! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts :3

  13. seriously it look yummy!

    nak try buat lak ah.. mintak resepi dough tu yek!

  14. bersua muka tidak, tapi tetap setia; beramah-tamah tidak, tapi tetap mesra; bersenda ikut suka jee, tak tau plak ada yang terasa; mengomen macam le hebat, tak prasan rakan rasa kena sebat; duhai sahabat duhai pelawat, kususun ruas jari yang karat, mohon ampun ke hadrat, agar kita semua beroleh rahmat, Allah limpahi dengan berkat


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