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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheese Cake : Chocolate Chip and Mint :)


Last post was August last year? Really, that long? Allahu Rabbi. 
I'm either too busy or too lazy. 

might be a bit of both.


Alhamdulillah, after a long long while I finally get to be at home, and this cake is a sort of a personal celebration of that. I've had this recipe in mind for years but
haven't been able to find any mint paste in bakery stores. Not the ones near by, anyway, and I've thought of really searching for it far and wide, but yeay me still can't drive T __ T . I've moved on to other recipes since then, and alhamdulillah, yesterday I found it and have been giddy ever since hihihihihi.

My dear sister, upon seeing the colour made a face ( and some sounds I can't really transcribe )but i assured her it would taste absolutely wonderful. Like chocolate chip mint ice cream, only creamier. Mmmm. 

She didn't take my word for it. 

 Ye of lil' faith. It doesn't help that she's not a fan of mint (I only know now such person exist ! 0.0) 

When I first told this recipe to a dear dear friend, he asked if i was sure, because mint and cheese don't go well together. Now, taking the hundredth bite of the cake, I can answer confidently that I am bloody sure.

Here's  Chocolate Chip and Mint Cheese Cake. <3

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